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Looking Glass Falls Pisgah Forest North Carolina
      Looking Glass Falls, US 64 Pisgah Forest , Brevard North Carolina

Thank you for visiting 4u2go2. This is a work under construction. I would appreciate any constructive critisism. I hope to be adding real places to visit and not just places to visit on the web. I have added a plethora of worldwide art links. I am sure there are online art museums that I have missed, but the list in rather large and categorized by region and country. I am also working on a list of places that are just fun and hope to get a good list of online learning sites. I also have a help page for my DOUA ( Disabled Online Users Assosiation ) family. This is a great group that welcomes new members and mentors, and can always use your help or donations as it is a non-profit organization, with the sole purpose of bringing the online world of business to the disabled. Please feel free to visit my DOUA help page for HTML help and tips. The free templates are free only to DOUA members. If you would like to use one of them and you are not a member please contact me first. If you need help with creating your own Ebay templates just let me know. I will be glad to assist anyone depending upon my schedule and health. All of the background images in my templates were either from free image sites or created by me from various free images. So it is perfectly ok to take and use them. If anyone finds an image that should not be free please inform me so I can remove it from the site.

All other Images on this site or any of my other websites are my personal property and should not be used without first obtaining permission from me.
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