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This is where you will write your killer Item Description detailing all the finer points of your item and why purchasing it from you is such a great idea. Be sure to list any fine points and also any flaws that it may have also. Feel free to highlight important points to your description with colored text but remember that some colors can be hard to read. I am challenged by small type so I also like to make the type large enough to read easily but not so large it becomes laborous to read.

make sure you use alternate text to descrtibe your item, also I like to name my images to describe what they are instead of a generic number

Describe your item as if there were no pictures of it availible.


  • The Shipping Costs for this item will be $XX.XX
  • Live Plants Will Ship via USPS Priority Mail Only!
  • I ship Live Plants on Monday's Only
  • Delivery Comformation Is Required
  • Delayed Shipping Is Available so as to better time the arrival to you last expected frost

  • Paypal
  • Money Orders
  • Cashiers Checks
  • Personal Checks (must clear my bank, usually results in 7-10 days delay in shipping)
  • Payment should be made within 10 days of auction ending

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